Back Pocket Creative. Innovative & engaging media & solutions in arts, culture & entertainment.

Back Pocket Creative is a creative production agency, bringing innovation to engaging content, experiences and campaigns.

We have a deep understanding of the arts, culture and entertainment industries; matched with creative and surprising ideas and solutions. We pride ourselves on creating work that truly engages with people - which delights, entertains, distracts or energises.

We've delivered TV shows to Channel 4 and Sky Arts; we've made augmented reality billboards; we've captured live performances from Madonna, Nick Cave and many more; we've created virtual reality experiences for the Guggenheim and the Dalí Institute; we've made interactive quiz-shows for facebook and twitch; we've built feed-topping formats and series for every major platform; we've built AR news studios in Westminster; and loads more....

... and we'd love to do something new with you! 

Some ways we can work together

Production & Project Management

Our team have delivered content for every major digital and social platform, cinemas, TV, radio, billboards and virtual reality headsets. We are creative producers with an unrivalled network of multi-disciplinary contributors. We love delivering our own creative, and are equally at home bringing your ideas to life, and to working in close collaboration with other agencies.

Back Pocket Expertise

The name came with a reason: we're here to act as your secret weapon. Got a last-minute pitch you need to land? We'll put in the legwork to get it over the line. Need to be brought up to speed on the latest industry trend or social algorithm change - we've got you. Sometimes businesses make this formal, and add us to their advisory board - it's a great way to unlock a holistic relationship. Or it can be a phone call. And everything in-between. 

Creative & Strategic Development

We thrive on building creative solutions. If you have a brief, we'd love to hear it. If you're a step before that, we'd love to help define your goals and then to suggest some great ways to achieve them.

Business & Creative Matchmaking

We're not always the perfect fit for a job, and we're always happy to recommend excellent people to each other. If we're not the right fit for your project, we'd put money on bring able to introduce you to somebody who is!

Actionable Innovation

We love pulling together solutions using the best tools for the job. We believe in working backwards from the audience, and making sure that everything builds towards the best possible end experience. We have a great track record in taking breaking innovations and novel ideas, and ensuring they hit the mark, and do more than tick the innovation box. We'd love to work with you to innovate in a targetted, results-driven way.

Creative, Production & Workflow Reviews

A holistic look at your current workflows, how and where they can be optimised, and how to make time and space for the brilliant. Our team have personally built these processes in multiple successful businesses. Great businesses are built on good processes - and we can help you built them.

People we work with

Let's work together!

Have a question or interested in learning more about Back Pocket Creative? Let's have a chat, and make something great together...

Kevin Molloy, Founder